About Us

Jonny and I have been close friends since middle school.

I have always maintained that the world needs to see more of the Big Guy. There were a few ideas that have been floated around over the years. But when Jonny started sending videos of other people doing drink reviews, I realized this was it.

All that was left was the name.

There were a few that were tossed around. And yes, before you ask, 100% of them were inappropriate on some level.

But when the we were growing up we were quoting the movie “Coming To America”. At some point, someone was re-enacting the part where Eddie Murphy plays the singer who thanks his band “Sexual Chocolate”. Someone in the locker room at some point said that Jonny was “Sexual Vanilla.” And the name was born.

And it’s all been downhill since then. But this has been a great way for us to still be able to get together, and have fun while doing it.

Our goal is to just make life a little better by hopefully making you laugh a little bit. It’s ok to have fun!

Thanks for checking us out and hopefully we don’t scare you off with our shenanigans!

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