Best Christmas Cocktails – Some of Our Favorite Holiday Cocktail Recipes

christmas cocktails

As the festive season twinkles with holiday lights and the scent of pine and cinnamon fills the air, we’re beckoning you into our winter wonderland of Christmas cocktails. Our holiday mixology is brimming with the most delightful festive drinks, from the warmth of winter drinks to the sparkle of Christmas party drinks. We’ve stirred together an almanac of Christmas drink recipes, each a toast to tradition and innovation. So whether you’re looking for holiday beverages that range from the tried-and-true to the excitingly novel, or simply the best Christmas cocktails to enthrall your guests, our cocktail recipes are garnished with cheer and ready to serve.

Join us as we guide you through crafting seasonal cocktails that capture the joyous spirit of the holidays – these are the flavors and memories that will make your celebration one for the books. Whether you’re hosting a merry gathering or enjoying a quiet evening by the fire, our curated selection promises to add that extra sparkle to your festivities.


Christmas Cocktails – Key Takeaways

  • Dive into a treasure trove of the best Christmas cocktails, sure to elevate any holiday celebration.
  • Explore our carefully crafted holiday mixology guide for creating the ultimate Christmas drink recipes at home.
  • Discover how festive drinks can become the highlight of your seasonal gatherings, with flavors that embody the spirit of the season.
  • Unwrap the secrets to captivating holiday beverages, from nostalgic seasonal cocktails to invigorating winter drinks.
  • Find inspiration for Christmas party drinks that promise to be admired by taste buds and shared in merry toasts.
  • Learn how to mix up easy and exquisite cocktail recipes that will become your new holiday traditions.

The Magic of Martini: Embracing the Festive Spirit

As the winter season rolls in, we find solace and celebration in the timeless elegance of the martini. This year, we’re reimagining this iconic drink with a festive twist that is sure to delight any holiday gathering. Whether you’re a traditionalist or a connoisseur of the new, these festive cocktail creations merge the classics with the spirit of a festive Christmas.

Magical Christmas Martinis

Christmas Martini: A Holiday Classic

Imagine the quintessential Christmas martini, a holiday cocktail that is as rich in flavor as it is in tradition. We take pride in crafting this elegant martini with premium vodka, a kiss of dry vermouth, and a touch of simple syrup, garnished with a spirited red cherry or a twist of lemon for the quintessential holiday cheer.

Peppermint Martini: A Twist of Festive Flavor

The peppermint martini is more than just a drink; it’s a festive Christmas masterpiece that’s easy to love and even easier to make. With its vibrant layers of flavor, indulging in this holiday cocktail starts with chilled vodka, a splash of peppermint schnapps, and simple syrup, all adorned with a candy cane garnish to embody the joy of the season.

Pomegranate Martini: A Vibrant Celebration

Daring and delightful, the pomegranate martini bursts onto the festive scene with its ruby-like luster. Crafting this spirited concoction involves vodkapomegranate juice, and simple syrup shaken to a chilled perfection and garnished with fresh pomegranate seeds that dance in the glass like holiday lights. It is a truly vibrant celebration in a martini glass.

CocktailMain IngredientsGarnishPerfect For
Christmas MartiniVodka, Dry Vermouth, Simple SyrupRed Cherry or Lemon TwistClassic Elegance
Peppermint MartiniVodka, Peppermint Schnapps, Simple SyrupCandy CaneWhimsical Gatherings
Pomegranate MartiniVodka, Pomegranate Juice, Simple SyrupPomegranate SeedsColorful Celebrations

Let us inspire you to delight your guests with these signature cocktails that capture the essence and excitement of the holiday season. Each sip is filled with merriment, a testament to the magic that a well-crafted martini can bring to your festive gatherings.

Warm and Cozy: Hot Christmas Drink Delights

When the frosty winter air nips at your nose, there’s nothing quite like wrapping your fingers around a mug of a hot Christmas drink. These festive beverages are not only a source of warmth, but they also add a dash of holiday cheer to the season’s celebrations. We’ve gathered some heavenly warm recipes that are not only easy to make but also embody the essence of the holidays.

hot christmas drinks

Eggnog: The Quintessential Christmas Drink

A creamy delight that has graced holiday tables for generations, eggnog is the embodiment of Christmas in a cup. Traditional recipes often call for a mixture of milk, cream, sugar, whipped eggs, and a good pour of bourbon to elevate this festive drink. It’s a holiday cheer in liquid form and, for many of us, it wouldn’t be Christmas without it.

Hot Chocolate: A Family Favorite

Hot chocolate is a perennial favorite that brings back childhood memories of the holiday season. Rich, velvety, and often topped with a mountain of whipped cream or marshmallows, this family-friendly Christmas drink brings smiles to faces of all ages. Whether it’s enjoyed after building a snowman or while cozying up for a Christmas movie, it’s the simple pleasures that make this beverage a festive must-have.

Mulled Wine: A Toast to Holiday Spice

The fragrant aroma of mulled wine is synonymous with holiday spice and everything nice. Steeping a good red wine with mulling spices such as cinnamon sticks, cloves, and orange peel transforms it into a heartwarming Christmas drink. Each sip is a toast to time-honored traditions and convivial holiday gatherings.

Hot Buttered Rum: A Toasty Treat

What could be more inviting on a cold winter’s evening than a mug of hot buttered rum? This sweet and spicy concoction mixes rum with butter, brown sugar, and holiday spices, creating a rich and decadent Christmas drink. Easy to make and even easier to enjoy, it’s the perfect tipple to warm the heart and soul when Jack Frost comes to visit.

Celebrating with Christmas Punch and Holiday Cocktails

When it’s time for holiday entertaining, nothing says “cheer” quite like a vibrant Christmas punch or a delightful holiday cocktail. Effortless to prepare and perfect for serving a crowd, these festive drinks are essential for any holiday party. Join us as we share some of our favorite easy holiday cocktails that are guaranteed to bring the festive spirit to your Christmas celebration.

Celebrating with Christmas Punch and Holiday Cocktails

Christmas Punch: A Party Essential

The ultimate party centerpiece, our Christmas punch recipe combines traditional spices and flavors that reminisce the holiday season with every sip. With ingredients like cinnamon, cranberry juice, and a hint of citrus, this punch isn’t just a beverage—it’s a Christmas party in a pitcher. Serve it up in a large bowl and watch as it becomes the heart of your holiday parties, a testament to the timeless joy of communal sipping.

Holiday Punch: A Burst of Festive Joy

A lighter counterpart to its Christmas sibling, the holiday punch is a jubilant mix of sparkling soda, fresh fruit juices, and a touch of alcohol for those who want it. It’s a toast to holiday cheer with a burst of joy in every effervescent pour. Whether served during an intimate gathering or at large holiday parties, this punch ensures your guests are filled with festive spirit—and their glasses with holiday delight.

Jingle Juice: Fun and Festive

If you’re looking for a standout holiday cocktail with a name as catchy as its taste, Jingle Juice is your go-to concoction. This blend of tropical flavors, fizzy soda, and a rush of festive liqueurs is the fun and vibrant essence of holiday entertaining. Easy to mix in large pitchers, this joyful beverage invites guests to share in the laughter and libations of your Christmas celebration without the need for complex mixology.

Remember, the key to a successful holiday cocktail is not just in the flavors but also in the presentation. Decorate your punch bowls and pitchers with fresh cranberries, aromatic rosemary sprigs, or spirals of orange zest. It’s these little touches that transform your festive drinks from simple beverages to memorable components of your Christmas party. So pour yourself a glass of Christmas cheer and savor the season with us—one holiday punch at a time.

Unique Twists on Traditional Cocktails

Welcome to a world where the classic cocktail playbook is infused with merriment and creativity to form some of the most tantalizing holiday drinks you’ll experience. As we delve into the heart of the festive season, our Christmas party cookbook blossoms with new takes on old favorites, keeping the holiday spirit alive and well. So let’s raise a glass to these inventive seasonal cocktails, each one designed to enliven your taste buds and elevate your yuletide celebrations.

Peppermint White Russian: A Creamy Dream

Steering away from the traditional path, we present the luxurious Peppermint White Russian, a creamy and minty marvel that’s a true celebration in a cup. The classic combination of vodka, coffee liqueur, and heavy cream now gets a sprinkling of peppermint, transforming it into a festive cocktail that’s perfect for enjoying beside a roaring fire.

Christmas Margarita: A Holiday Fiesta

Who says margaritas are only for summer? With this Christmas Margarita, you’ll be toasting to a holiday fiesta whatever the weather. Tequila, orange liqueur, and fresh lime juice meet the vibrant hues of cranberry, making this seasonal cocktail as visually striking as it is delicious. It’s a zesty and refreshing change that’s bound to be a hit at your Christmas gathering.

Christmas Mule: A Ginger Kick

Continuing our adventure, we bring you the spicy Christmas Mule, a yuletide twist on the Moscow mule. Here, ginger beer and lime juice combine with a generous splash of dark rum, offering a festive cocktail with a kick that’s sure to warm the coldest of winter nights. The copper mugs will also look stunning against the backdrop of your Christmas decorations.

Christmas Sangria: A Fruity Fusion

Last but not least, for those who revel in fruit-laden delights, the Christmas Sangria is a must. This festive cocktail fuses red wine with a medley of seasonal fruits, sweetened with a hint of sugar or honey. It’s a wine lover’s Christmas dream that’s not just delicious but also strikingly easy to share, making it the perfect concoction for any holiday get-together.

These festive cocktails are more than just a novelty; they are an ode to the joy and creativity that embody the essence of the season. Each sip of these unique blends ensures that the holiday spirit flows as freely as the conversation at your next Christmas party. Cheers to that!

The Elegance of Champagne in Christmas Celebrations

As we immerse ourselves in the sparkle and joy of the holiday season, we invite you to savor the elegance of champagne, a timeless symbol of celebration. Whether it’s raising a flute during an intimate Christmas morning or toasting to the love shared at holiday gatheringschampagne infuses each moment with a touch of sophistication. Let us guide you through some champagne-infused delights that have become synonymous with festive cheer.

The Elegance of Champagne in Christmas Celebrations

Christmas Mimosa: Morning Delight

Begin your Christmas brunch with a beloved classic—the Christmas Mimosa. This festive cocktail combines the crisp effervescence of champagne with the tart and sweet notes of pomegranate juice, creating a morning delight that’s as visually stunning as it is delicious. It’s a simple yet refined choice that’s quickly becoming the best holiday tradition for many.

Champagne Cocktail: Bubbly and Bright

Amid the laughter and joy of holiday gatherings, a Champagne Cocktail stands out as a bubbly and bright centerpiece. Its sparkling nature lifts spirits, and when garnished with a twist of citrus or a bitters-soaked sugar cube, it transforms into a festive drink that’s as effervescent as the season itself. A classic that never falls out of favor, it’s a toast to the memories made and the ones yet to bloom.

White Christmas: A Champagne Fantasy

When the world outside is cloaked in a blanket of snow, the White Christmas cocktail provides a creamy counterpart to the wintry scene. This champagne fantasy merges the luxurious texture of cream with the vivacity of champagne, bringing together the best of both worlds—the result is a festive cocktail that’s as indulgent as the holiday it celebrates.

Cherish these champagne-kissed moments as you revel in the timeless elegance they bring to your Christmas morning and holiday celebrations. It’s the season to indulge, to enjoy, and to embody the merry spirit with every sip of these festive drinks.

The Rich Flavors of Bourbon and Rum

The Rich Flavors of Bourbon and Rum

As the air turns crisp and the shimmering decorations adorn the festive holiday atmosphere, our palates yearn for the warmth and complexity that only bourbon and rum can offer. These spirits are not just about the alcohol; they’re about history, tradition, and a depth of flavor that complements the holiday season perfectly. Let us guide you through the delightful dance of tart cranberry and smooth bourbon, as well as the cozy embrace of Christmas rum delights, ideal for sipping by the glow of the Christmas tree.

Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail: Tart and Sweet

The cranberry bourbon cocktail is a celebration of contrasting flavors that, much like the best winter-themed cocktails, brings together the sweetness of bourbon with the tartness of fresh cranberry juice. It’s a harmonious blend fit for a festive holiday, beautifully capturing the essence of the season in a glass. The deep red hue also serves as a delightful nod to the traditional colors associated with a vibrant Christmas drink.

Bourbon Cocktail: A Warm Winter’s Night

Nothing embodies the spirit of a cold winter’s night more than a classic bourbon cocktail. Its robust flavor profile lends itself to a variety of mixers, but sometimes, it’s best enjoyed neat or with a simple touch of ice. The rich notes of vanilla and caramel inherent in a quality bourbon make it the perfect companion for a reflective moment beside the Christmas tree, adding a touch of warmth to any winter-themed cocktail gathering.

Christmas Rum Delights: From Traditional to Tropical

Dark rum, with its spicy undertones and sweet molasses flavor, offers a world of Christmas rum delights, ranging from intoxicating hot toddies to the fruity exuberance of a tropical rum punch. Whether you’re looking for traditional Christmas drink ideas or something that brings a touch of sun to shorter days, rum’s versatility promises to delight and surprise with each festive concoction.

Our curation of bourbon and rum recipes spans the spectrum of seasonal cheer. From the inviting simplicity of a bourbon cocktail to the exotic joy of Christmas rum delights, we invite you to embrace these timeless spirits as a central part of your Christmas drink ideas this year.

Christmas Cocktails with a Twist: Creative Concoctions

Christmas Cocktails with a Twist: Creative Concoctions

Welcome to the exciting world of festive cocktail creation, where the traditions of the holiday season meet innovative mixology. As we embark on this joyful journey, imagine the aroma of apple cider mingling with the clinking of ice cubes and the laughter of loved ones. Our curated collection of Christmas cocktails caters to all, from those seeking the comfort of time-honored classics to adventurous palates eager for a twist.

Apple Cider Meets Cocktail: A Seasonal Sensation

Apple cider, that beloved festive favorite, finds new life in our seasonal cocktails. Infusing this staple with aromatic spices and spirits, we’ve crafted a holiday cocktail recipe that’s as easy to make as it is delightful to sip. Imbued with bold flavors and the nostalgia of apple orchards, our cider-based concoctions are a tribute to the harvest and the heartfelt celebrations that follow.

Festive Cocktail Ideas for a Merry Gathering

Our festive cocktail ideas are designed to spread cheer and create vibrant memories. From the touch of cinnamon in a spiced rum punch to the sparkle of prosecco in a cranberry fizz, these Christmas drinks are a feast for the senses. Share in the spirit of the season with drink recipes that are a perfect companion to joyous toasts and merry gatherings.

Drink Ideas for a Memorable Christmas Morning

Christmas morning calls for something special in the glass. Our selection of yuletide libations welcomes the day with festive elegance. Whether it’s a creamy concoction laced with espresso to pair with Christmas desserts or a fizzy holiday cocktail recipe that fuels the excitement of unwrapping gifts, these drinks are a celebration of the warmth and joy that Christmas morning brings.

  • Whisk together seasonal spices with apple cider to craft a warm, inviting drink.
  • Blend up a frosty cocktail that’s easy to make, pairing it with light morning pastries.
  • Explore vibrant drink recipes that add a pop of color and flavor to your holiday brunch spread.

As we raise our glasses, let’s revel in the innovative twists that these Christmas cocktails offer. Enjoy the harmony of tradition blended with creativity and savor each sip as a toast to the season’s delights.

Gin and Pomegranate: A Match Made in Christmas Heaven

As December’s chill sets in, our holiday mixology leads us to a pair that rings with the bells of festive spirit—gin and pomegranate. This combination, bursting with brightness and botanical notes, serves as the base for cocktails that light up the holiday season. It’s a symphony of sweet and tangy pomegranate juice blending seamlessly with the crisp juniper essence of gin. Together, they form the foundation of cocktails that are not only pleasing to the palate but also a feast for the eyes.

gin and pomegranate

Gin-Based Christmas Cocktails: A Refreshing Change

Our array of gin-based Christmas cocktails offers a spirited escape from the rich and creamy drinks that often populate holiday menus. A splash of fresh lime juice adds a refreshing zing, complementing the botanical complexities inherent in gin. To finish, a festive garnish such as a sprig of rosemary or a twist of orange peel crowns each glass, turning these mixtures into elegant seasonal beverages that are as easy to make as they are joyful to serve.

Pomegranate Cocktails: A Burst of Color and Flavor

Pomegranate cocktails capture the very essence of a jubilant Christmas with their vibrant red hue and explosive flavor profile. Simple yet sophisticated, these cocktails blend pomegranate juice with choice spirits to delight the senses. The result is a visual spectacle and taste sensation that are quintessentially festive, embodying the best of easy Christmas cheer with minimal effort.

Cocktail NameMain SpiritMixersGarnish
Pomegranate Gin FizzGinPomegranate Juice, Sparkling Water, Fresh Lime JuiceRosemary Sprig, Pomegranate Seeds
Yuletide MuleGinPomegranate Juice, Ginger Beer, Fresh Lime JuiceLime Wheel, Pomegranate Seeds
Christmas Eve MartiniGinPomegranate Juice, Triple Sec, Fresh Lime JuiceOrange Peel Twist

We invite you to raise your glass and share in the harmony of gin and pomegranate. Whether it’s a pre-dinner aperitif or a toast as the clock strikes midnight, these festive Christmas cocktails are the perfect accompaniment to your holiday soirees. Let us be your guide through this wonderland of seasonal sipping, where every cocktail is a celebration of what we cherish most about the holidays.

Crafting the Best Christmas Drinks

As the holiday season unfurls its joyous traditions, we delve into an enchanting world where the best Christmas drinks bring warmth and jubilation to frosty evenings. Our festive drink inspirations tap into the cherished moments of yuletide celebrations, turning cocktail time into a memorable highlight of the season. From the clink of ice in your pitcher to the final garnish atop your glass, our easy-to-make winter cocktails are curated to satisfy every guest’s taste with Christmas-themed delights.

Best Christmas Drink Ideas for Every Taste

Christmas is not only about the décor and the carols, it’s also about creating an experience that tantalizes all the senses, including taste. Whether your guests favor the sweetness of a candy cane martini or the boldness of a bourbon-infused hot toddy, we’ve compiled an array of Christmas drink ideas that ensure your offerings are as diverse as they are delightful. For those who prefer their drinks without a spike, our mocktails are equally festive, ensuring everyone can raise a glass in celebration.

Festive Drink Inspirations: From Sweet to Spicy

The festive season is synonymous with variety—a time when sweet, spicy, and everything in between come together in perfect harmony. Our festive drink inspirations include the rich, creamy textures of eggnog, balanced with bold spices that create a cozy embrace with every sip. For those seeking a Christmas-themed drink with a bit more kick, yuletide libations spiked with ginger or cinnamon can offer a warming sensation that’s just right for the chill of winter nights.

We believe that preparation should be hassle-free, leaving you more time to enjoy the company of loved ones. This is why we suggest focusing on cocktail recipes that lend themselves to being made in a pitcher. Large-batch preparations not only make serving effortless but also add a decorative element to your holiday tablescape. A thoughtfully garnished pitcher becomes more than a container; it’s part of the festive décor.

Remember, when it comes to garnishes, the brilliance is in the details. From a sprig of rosemary resembling the pine of your Christmas tree to fresh cranberries floating in your punch, these finishing touches are not just aesthetically pleasing but can also infuse each drink with a hint of holiday flavor. As the night goes on, watch as your guests are drawn to the visual and aromatic appeal of these expertly styled beverages.

To wrap up, our mission is to make sure your cocktail time is filled with the best Christmas drinks that cater to various preferences. Each recipe we share has been thoughtfully selected to ensure that, whether it’s a family gathering or an evening with friends, your festivities are infused with nothing but cheer and wonderful flavors. So here’s to a season of unforgettable festive drink inspirations that are sure to keep spirits bright!

Paying Our Tab: Celebrating with Fun and Festive Christmas Cocktails

Crafting the Best Christmas Drinks

As we draw the curtain on our exploration of festive libations, we circle back to the core of what makes our seasonal sips so special. A fun and festive Christmas cocktail is more than just a concoction; it’s a sparkling reflection of the holiday spirit that brings us together.

The Joy of Holiday Cocktails: Embracing the Season

Gather around the fire, cocktail in hand, and toast to the joy of holiday cocktails. From the tingle of bubbly on your tongue to the warmth of a mulled spice mixture, these drinks capture the essence of celebration. Embracing the season means to revel in the flavors, the aromas, and the sheer delight that each festive cocktail brings to our holiday gatherings. Having a signature cocktail can also be a fun way to showcase creativity while encapsulating the vibrant Christmas cheer in a glass.

Christmas Cocktail Crafting: A Time for Creativity

Christmas cocktail crafting is an adventure in flavor and festivity. As we urge you to pour your imagination into the punch bowl, it’s the perfect time for innovation. Stir up the traditional with a splash of the new, and craft a signature cocktail that will become the talk of your holiday gatherings. Holiday entertaining beckons for that special something—a festive cocktail that stands out amongst the classics, inviting tales and laughter to spiral from every holiday spirit-filled glass.

In the merry pursuit of crafting cocktails that resonate with holiday cheer, may we always remember the togetherness and joy that come from creating and sharing. So, as we celebrate the close of another chapter of holiday revelries, let s raise a glass to the lifelong memories made—with each and every festive drink a cherished part of our collective holiday entertaining.

Christmas Cocktails FAQ

As the season for merriment draws near, our readers often find themselves wondering about the ideal sips to accompany the clattering of reindeer hooves and the soft fall of snow. Let us illuminate the path to festive holiday elation with answers to some of your most pressing Christmas cocktails FAQs. From discerning the best alcohol for Christmas to curating sublime drink selections for Christmas Eve cocktail parties, we’re here to guide you through the snowy trail of holiday mixology.

What alcohol is best for Christmas?

When the time comes to festoon your gatherings with the spirit of the season, the selection of alcohol for Christmas can vary as widely as the winter constellations. For a traditional approach, you can’t go wrong with bourbon, rum, or brandy, which provide warmth and complex flavors perfect for sipping by the fire. For those who seek a lighter touch, vodka and gin offer crisp, clean canvases for colorful festive mixers. Not to forget, champagne is an unparalleled choice for a sparkling toast to the holiday joy.

What do you drink at a Christmas party?

Christmas party drinks should be as dazzling as a tree laden with lights. Easy holiday cocktails like punch brimming with cranberries or a shimmering Champagne tower can’t help but spread cheer. For a warming experience, a hot cocktail such as mulled wine or spiced cider keeps hands and hearts warm. And let’s not overlook the non-alcoholic Christmas options—festive mocktails can be as enchanting as their spirited counterparts, ensuring everyone at your gathering can indulge in the celebratory mood.

What popular drink is only available around Christmas?

Eggnog is the reigning monarch of traditional Christmas drinks, making its grand appearance only when yuletide carols are heard. This creamy concoction, often spiked with a slug of bourbon or rum, is a luxurious ritual for many. Similarly, peppermint-flavored drinks, including peppermint hot chocolate or schnapps-laced cocktails, also make their much-anticipated debut during the festive holiday season, adding a sweet and minty zest to the festivities.

What drink to have with Christmas dinner?

Your Christmas dinner, a symphony of flavors, deserves an accompanying libation that’s equally harmonious. A robust red wine complements hearty meats like roasted turkey or prime rib, while a sparkling prosecco pairs delightfully with seafood or lighter fare. For a less traditional touch, consider serving a Christmas-themed cocktail, such as a cranberry margarita to add a pop of flavor and festivity to the meal.

What do you serve at a Christmas Eve cocktail party?

At a Christmas Eve cocktail party, the libations should be as special as the night before Santa’s sleigh takes flight. We love serving a selection of thematic drinks to suit all palates. Classics like the Old Fashioned or a Gin Martini get a holiday makeover with seasonal garnishes, while unique creations like a Gingerbread Martini captivate with their novelty. Providing guests with a mix of traditional and innovative Christmas cocktails ensures a celebratory atmosphere filled with flavors as magical as the season itself.


What alcohol is best for Christmas?

The best alcohol for Christmas often depends on personal preference, but traditional favorites include bourbon, rum, and brandy, which are commonly used in classic holiday cocktails like eggnog, mulled wine, and hot buttered rum. For a festive sparkle, champagne is also a popular choice, perfect for celebratory toasts and cocktails like mimosas and champagne punches.

What do you drink at a Christmas party?

At a Christmas party, you can enjoy a variety of festive drinks ranging from warm classics like spiced apple cider and hot chocolate to Christmas punches and holiday cocktails such as the Christmas martiniJingle Juice, or a cranberry bourbon cocktail. Non-alcoholic options like a peppermint hot chocolate or a spiced, mulled apple juice can also be a delightful treat for all ages.

What popular drink is only available around Christmas?

Eggnog is a popular drink that’s typically only available around the Christmas season. This creamy, spiced beverage can be enjoyed on its own or with a splash of bourbon, rum, or brandy. Seasonal spiced lattes and gingerbread-flavored drinks also make their special appearance during the holiday season.

What drink to have with Christmas dinner?

With Christmas dinner, you might enjoy a glass of robust red wine with your main course or a crisp white wine for lighter dishes. If you prefer cocktails, a gin-based Christmas cocktail can be refreshing, or a Christmas mimosa could add a celebratory touch to the meal. For dessert, consider sipping on a dessert wine or a decadent chocolate martini.

What do you serve at a Christmas Eve cocktail party?

At a Christmas Eve cocktail party, you can serve a variety of cocktails like a peppermint martini, a pomegranate martini, or a champagne cocktail to bring on the festive cheer. For larger gatherings, a batch of Christmas punch or holiday sangria makes serving easier. Don’t forget to include some non-alcoholic festive drinks as well for those who don’t imbibe, such as a spiced apple cider or a festive mocktail garnished with fresh cranberries and a sprig of rosemary.

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