Drinks To Make With Soda Jerk Liquor

Soda Jerk is a brand of liquor with a unique flavor that will be blowing up in the very near future! Whether you drink it as a straight Soda Jerk shot or mix it with ice as part of a cocktail recipe, you won’t be disappointed when you try this delectable spirit.

It just so happens to be one of our favorites here at The Sexual Vanilla. It comes in two tantalizing flavors, orange cream and root beer. I keep a bottle of each in the freezer so it’s ready to drink at a moment’s notice. One of our favorite recipes to date uses a soda jerk orange cream shot and all we did was add a shot of Smirnoff Whipped Cream vodka and some Sprite. You take that in after a long day and you will be thanking me! The creamy finish of that sweet nectar takes a touch of nostalgia and mixes it with just the right amount of boozy kick. Go ahead and get yourself some of that!

Soda Jerk Shot Liquor

Soda Jerk is made in America mixing a little bit of that nostalgia of your favorite ice cream flavors from when you were a kid with a more modern edge to create a phenomenal tasting, yet somewhat familiar flavored liquor. You can drink Soda Jerk straight up as a shot, on the rocks with some fresh ice, or stir in some of your favorite beverages to make a unique cocktail that you won’t be able to replicate without using Soda Jerk. We found that the sweetness of the Soda Jerk pair great when we shake it up with other flavored liqueur as well. Or you can pair it with your favorite soda which will result in your new favorite cocktail.

Soda Jerk Root Beer is an amazing tasting liqueur that combines the nostalgic spicy root beer bite with a creamy, rich finish that will remind you of a root beer float. The Orange version tastes almost like a Creamsicle, which is an amazing feat since it has the kick to put you on your tuckus. At 70 proof, this is not like your mama’s liqueur of choice that has no balls behind it. While it tastes amazing, it still has enough oomph to it that it will get you where you’re trying to go, if you catch my drift!

They come in two sizes: a 750ml bottle and a 1 shot-sized bottle. 

The only downfall to Soda Jerk is that it’s not available everywhere. We couldn’t find it at any liquor store near us so we had to order ours and get it shipped to us to try it out. My only regret is that I only ordered two bottles and didn’t order at least a whole case of each! (I’m not exaggerating…it is that damn good!). If you want to join the club and get you some…make sure you visit the link at the bottom of the page. We got ours at CWSpirits.com (discount code: JERKS).

Videos and Recipes Using Orange Cream Soda Jerk Liquor

Here are some videos we made of our best Soda Jerk Orange Cream recipes.

drinks to make with soda jerk liquor

Boom Titties - a recipe for a drink using Orange Cream Soda Jerk Liquor

Videos and Recipes Using Root Beer Soda Jerk Liquor

Here are some videos we made of our favorite Soda Jerk Root Beer recipes.

Paying Our Tab on The Soda Jerk Drinks

As you can clearly see, we are big fans of the Soda Jerk. In fact, I don’t think we will ever run out of Soda Jerk Recipes to try. We keep restocking and finding new ways to use both the root beer and the orange cream Soda Jerk. Make sure you bookmark this page and keep checking back. I’m sure we will keep adding to the repertoire of videos and shenanigans using the Soda Jerk Shot Liquor!

Soda Jerk FAQ

What kind of alcohol is Soda Jerk?

Soda Jerk is a liqueur that comes in two decadent flavors. Orange Cream and Root Beer. Both are equally delightful.

What does orange cream Soda Jerk taste like?

Orange Cream Soda Jerk tastes like an alcoholic Creamsicle that you used to buy from the ice cream truck as a kid.

How strong is Soda Jerk liquor?

Soda Jerk liquor is 70 proof, 35% alcohol by volume.

Is Soda Jerk good straight?

Yes, Soda Jerk is excellent straight or can be mixed with your favorite beverages to make tasty cocktails.

What can I mix with Soda Jerk liquor?

Soda Jerk mixes great with cream soda, lemon lime soda, or other liquors. We have found it mixes amazingly well with Whipped Cream vodka.

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