Elmer T Lee Bourbon Review

elmer t lee bourbon review

Welcome to our comprehensive review of the legendary Elmer T Lee Bourbon. We invite you to join us on a journey to explore the exquisite world of this single barrel bourbon, from its rich history to its exceptional flavor profile and everything in between.

Key Takeaways

  • Elmer T Lee Bourbon is a single barrel bourbon with a unique flavor profile
  • Elmer T Lee was a master distiller emeritus who played a pivotal role in the bourbon industry
  • Buffalo Trace Distillery is home to Elmer T Lee Bourbon and a wide range of other award-winning whiskies
  • The mashbill and aging process contribute to the distinct character of Elmer T Lee Bourbon
  • Elmer T Lee Bourbon has garnered recognition in the whiskey world and has a dedicated following of bourbon enthusiasts

The Legacy of Elmer T Lee

Elmer T Lee was a true master of the craft, whose expertise and passion for bourbon set the standard for excellence in the industry. Born in 1919, Lee devoted his life to refining the art of bourbon-making, eventually earning the title of master distiller emeritus at Buffalo Trace Distillery.

Throughout his illustrious career, Lee was instrumental in the creation of some of the world’s finest bourbons, including Blanton’sRock Hill Farms, and of course, his eponymous Elmer T Lee Bourbon. But for Lee, bourbon was more than just a profession; it was a way of life. His unwavering commitment to quality and tradition was legendary, and he spent countless hours perfecting his craft, always striving for perfection.

Lee’s Contribution to the Bourbon Industry

Lee’s ContributionsImpact on the Industry
Created Blanton’s Single Barrel BourbonRevolutionized the industry with the introduction of single barrel production methods
Introduced small batch and single barrel bourbon to the massesBrought high-quality bourbon to a wider audience, forever changing perceptions of the spirit
Developed unique strains of yeast to give bourbons their signature flavor profilesEstablished the importance of yeast in the bourbon-making process, paving the way for experimentation and innovation

Lee revolutionized the bourbon industry with his groundbreaking techniques and exceptional skill, leaving an indelible mark on the world of whiskey. Though he passed away in 2013 at the age of 93, his legacy lives on through his incredible contributions to the art of bourbon-making.

Today, Elmer T Lee Bourbon remains a shining testament to Lee’s expertise and dedication. Its complex flavor profile and smooth finish are a testament to the craftsmanship that defines the Buffalo Trace Distillery, and the legacy of Elmer T Lee lives on in every sip.

The Distillery: Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace Distillery has been producing exceptional bourbon whiskey since 1775, making it one of the oldest continuously operating distilleries in the United States. Located in Frankfort, Kentucky, the distillery sits on over 400 acres of land and boasts more than 200 years of distilling history.

It is here at Buffalo Trace that Elmer T Lee Bourbon is carefully crafted, using the finest ingredients and traditional distilling methods. The distillery is committed to producing high-quality spirits, and its award-winning range of whiskies is a testament to its expertise and dedication.

The secret to the exceptional flavor profile of Elmer T Lee Bourbon lies in the unique combination of the distillery’s mashbill and the single barrel aging process. The mashbill is made up of corn, rye, and malted barley, and each barrel is aged in the heart of the distillery’s warehouses to ensure the perfect balance of heat and humidity. The result is a bourbon with a smooth and complex flavor profile that is unmatched in the world of spirits.

Buffalo Trace Distillery Awards and Recognition

“Buffalo Trace is a national treasure, one that every alcohol aficionado should visit at least once.” – Forbes

Buffalo Trace has received numerous accolades over the years, including being named the “Distillery of the Year” multiple times by Whisky Magazine, as well as being listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Its whiskies have won countless awards, including several gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Buffalo Trace Distillery Tours

For those interested in learning more about the distillery and its history, Buffalo Trace offers guided tours throughout the year. Visitors can explore the distillery’s warehouses and see firsthand how its award-winning whiskies are produced.

It’s clear that Buffalo Trace Distillery is dedicated to producing exceptional spirits, and Elmer T Lee Bourbon is no exception. With its rich history, commitment to craftsmanship, and unrivaled flavor profile, it’s no wonder that Buffalo Trace is widely regarded as one of the best distilleries in the world.

The Single Barrel Experience

Elmer T Lee Bourbon’s unique selling point is its single barrel expression. Each barrel produces a slightly different flavor profile, ensuring that no two bottles are the same. The process of selecting barrels for bottling is meticulous, with only the finest barrels being chosen.

The beauty of the single barrel experience is the nuances and complexities that come from the aging process. The mashbill, yeast strain, and char level of the oak barrels all contribute to the final taste. The result is a rich and layered bourbon appreciated by novice and experienced connoisseurs alike.

Lee single barrel bourbon’s flavor profile consists of bold caramel, creamy vanilla, and hints of cinnamon and oak. The velvety mouthfeel and the long, warm finish make this an indulgent drink that is perfect for sipping and enjoying in its purest form.

Tasting Notes and Flavor Profile

Elmer T Lee Bourbon captivates the palate with a delightful blend of flavors that leaves a lasting impression. The aroma of caramel and vanilla sets the stage for a sip that is both smooth and complex. The initial flavor brings out the sweetness of caramel, intermingled with hints of oak and spice that linger on the tongue. The mouthfeel is full-bodied yet silky, and the final taste leaves a warm and satisfying aftertaste.

It’s no wonder that Elmer T Lee Bourbon has won awards for its exceptional taste and flavor profile. The combination of flavors is a testament to the distillery’s dedication to the craft and exquisite attention to detail.

Whether you’re a bourbon enthusiast or new to the world of whiskey, the taste of Elmer T Lee Bourbon is sure to impress even the most discerning of palates.

The Mashbill and Aging Process

Elmer T Lee Bourbon’s distinct character comes from a carefully curated mashbill of corn, rye, and barley malt. The mashbill ratio is 75% corn, 13% rye, and 12% barley malt, which provides a smooth, balanced flavor profile that sets it apart from other bourbons.

The aging process is just as critical to Elmer T Lee’s exquisite taste. The bourbon is aged for a minimum of six years in charred new white oak barrels, which lends a warm, rich flavor to the whiskey. Over time, the oak barrels impart distinctive vanilla and caramel notes that balance the spicy rye and earthy malted barley notes.

The rye content in the mashbill also influences the final flavor. Rye is known for its spicy, peppery notes, which add complexity to the Elmer T Lee Bourbon.

Whiskey World Recognition

Elmer T Lee Bourbon has earned a special place in the whiskey world thanks to its exceptional taste and high ratings. This bourbon has received numerous accolades and awards, cementing its status as a beloved single barrel bourbon.

Bourbon enthusiasts from around the world have appreciated the quality and craftsmanship of Elmer T Lee Bourbon. The bourbon has built up a dedicated following, with fans seeking out every opportunity to savor its unique and inviting flavor profile.

What sets Elmer T Lee Bourbon apart from other bourbons in the whiskey world is the attention to detail in its production. From the mashbill to the aging process, every step of the way is carefully crafted to produce a distinctive and unforgettable taste.

Distinctions and Awards for Elmer T Lee Bourbon

Award TitleYear Won
Gold MedalSan Francisco World Spirits Competition
Best Small Batch BourbonWorld Whiskeys Awards
Silver MedalNew York International Spirits Competition

This table showcases some of the prestigious awards earned by Elmer T Lee Bourbon. The bourbon has consistently been recognized as a top-performing whiskey, cementing its status as a must-try for all bourbon enthusiasts.

Overall, Elmer T Lee Bourbon has made a name for itself in the whiskey world thanks to its exceptional taste and quality. It’s a bourbon that you won’t want to miss out on.

Availability and Pricing

Elmer T Lee Bourbon is a highly sought-after whiskey, making it difficult to find in stock. It’s produced in small batches, making it a rare find, which is why it’s often priced higher than other bourbons on the market.

As for its price range, Elmer T Lee Bourbon typically falls between $35-$90 per bottle, depending on the retailer and location. Keep in mind that due to its popularity and limited availability, some establishments might charge a premium.

Furthermore, due to its rarity, the secondary market for Elmer T Lee Bourbon can get quite competitive, with prices ranging from $150 and upwards. Some enthusiasts might even be willing to pay even more for a bottle.

The Perfect Sip

Indulge in the lavish experience of savoring Elmer T Lee Bourbon, enjoying the perfect sip from a Glencairn glass that allows the rich and smooth flavor profile to unfold. The unique shape of the glassware concentrates the aromas of caramel, oak, and spice, enhancing the tasting experience.

The mouthfeel of Elmer T Lee Bourbon is equally impressive, with a satiny texture that glides across the palate, revealing hints of vanilla and honey. The gentle warmth of the bourbon stimulates the senses, leaving a pleasant afterglow.

Whether you prefer it neat or with a drop of water, the delightful taste of this bourbon lingers as a testament to its exquisite craftsmanship and careful aging process.

Comparable Offerings

If you enjoy Elmer T Lee Bourbon, you may also want to try other fine bourbons produced by Buffalo Trace Distillery. Some of the comparable offerings include:

BourbonTasting NotesPrice Range
Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel BourbonAroma: vanilla and caramel. Palate: heavy-bodied with flavors of caramel, dark chocolate, and oak. Finish: long and smooth.$70 – $100
Ancient Age 10 Year Old BourbonAroma: cherry, vanilla, and spicePalate: sweet, with hints of caramel, oak, and black pepper. Finish: smooth, with a touch of spice.$30 – $50
Blanton’s Original Single Barrel BourbonAroma: vanilla, honey, and smoke. Palate: rich and full-bodied, with notes of caramel, toffee, and spices. Finish: complex, with a lingering aftertaste.$60 – $100
EH Taylor Small Batch BourbonAroma: vanilla, oak, and caramel. Palate: smooth and sweet, with flavors of honey, toffee, and baking spices. Finish: long and rich, with notes of vanilla and oak.$40 – $70

Each of these bourbons has its unique flavor profile and character, making them worth a try. Whether you prefer the boldness of Rock Hill Farms, the complexity of Blanton’s, or the smoothness of EH Taylor, there’s a bourbon that will suit your taste.

The Verdict: Should You dd A Bottle To Your Collection?

Elmer T Lee Bourbon has received high praise from bourbon enthusiasts and experts alike. In our review, we found that this single barrel bourbon lives up to the hype, delivering complexity, balance, and an overall exceptional drinking experience.

Expert reviews praised the caramel and oak notes that balance perfectly with underlying spices, creating a flavorful and enjoyable sip. The mouthfeel was described as smooth and luxurious with a long, satisfying aftertaste.

The Elmer T Lee Bourbon tasting notes showcase the masterful craftsmanship that goes into each small batch, with the mashbill and aging process contributing to the distinct and unique flavor profile. Many experts noted that it is best enjoyed on its own to fully appreciate its complexity.

Overall, Elmer T Lee Bourbon is undoubtedly one of the best bourbons on the market, earning its place among the top-rated bourbons for both novices and connoisseurs. The experience of savoring a glass of this exceptional bourbon is something every whiskey lover should try, making it a must-try addition to any collection.

Paying Our Tab on the Elmer T Lee Single Barrel Bourbon Review

In conclusion, Elmer T Lee Bourbon is a quintessential single barrel bourbon that continues to capture the hearts of whiskey enthusiasts around the world. From its rich history to the craftsmanship and expertise that goes into every bottle, it’s no wonder this bourbon remains a favorite among connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

With its unique flavor profile, the result of the carefully curated mashbill and aging process, Elmer T Lee Bourbon offers a truly exceptional drinking experience. Whether you’re sipping it neat or in a classic whiskey cocktail, this bourbon never fails to impress.

While it can be difficult to find and may come with a higher price tag, Elmer T Lee Bourbon is truly worth the investment. So go ahead and indulge in the allure of this remarkable bourbon, and discover for yourself why it’s become a legend in the whiskey world.


What is Elmer T Lee Bourbon?

Elmer T Lee Bourbon is a single barrel bourbon produced at the Buffalo Trace Distillery. It is named after master distiller emeritus Elmer T Lee and is known for its exceptional flavor profile and craftsmanship.

How is Elmer T Lee Bourbon made?

Elmer T Lee Bourbon is made using a high-rye mashbill, which contributes to its distinct flavor. It is aged in charred oak barrels and undergoes a single barrel aging process, resulting in a unique and complex bourbon.

What are the tasting notes of Elmer T Lee Bourbon?

Elmer T Lee Bourbon offers a delightful blend of flavors, including caramel, oak, and spice. It has a smooth mouthfeel and a balanced finish, making it a favorite among bourbon enthusiasts.

Where can I find Elmer T Lee Bourbon?

Elmer T Lee Bourbon can be quite difficult to find due to its popularity. It is often allocated and may have a secondary market value. However, you may be able to find it at select liquor stores or through online retailers.

How much does Elmer T Lee Bourbon cost?

The price range for Elmer T Lee Bourbon varies depending on the location and availability. It is considered a premium bourbon, and its price may be influenced by its secondary market value.

Can you recommend other bourbons similar to Elmer T Lee?

If you enjoy Elmer T Lee Bourbon, you may also appreciate Rock Hill Farms, Ancient Age, Blanton’s, and EH Taylor, as they are produced by Buffalo Trace Distillery and share similarities in quality and flavor profile.

What glassware should I use to enjoy Elmer T Lee Bourbon?

To fully appreciate the aromas and flavors of Elmer T Lee Bourbon, we recommend using a Glencairn glass. Its tulip-shaped design helps concentrate the scents, allowing you to fully experience the complexity of the bourbon.

What is the verdict on Elmer T Lee Bourbon?

Elmer T Lee Bourbon has received high praise from experts and bourbon enthusiasts alike. Its exceptional flavor profile, craftsmanship, and the legacy of Elmer T Lee contribute to its standing as one of the best bourbons available. It is definitely worth trying if you have the opportunity.

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