Give Me Whiskey or Death T Shirt | The Grim Reaper’s Choice Tee!


Give Me Whiskey or Death T Shirt

  • Rebel Reaper Design: Decked in the darkest humor, our Grim Reaper graphic is holding the whiskey high, symbolizing the ultimate toast for those who take their bourbon as seriously as their comedy.
  • Comfort Beyond the Grave: Crafted from materials as comforting as a smooth whiskey on a cold night, this T-shirt promises to be the go-to gear for any casual outing or The Sexual Vanilla marathon.
  • Iconic Slogan: With “Give Me Whiskey or Give Me Death” emblazoned across the shirt, it’s a wearable manifesto for those who prefer their drinks strong and their humor dark.

Perfect For:

  • Fans of The Sexual Vanilla who want to showcase their allegiance.
  • Whiskey lovers who like their wardrobe with a side of wit.
  • Anyone who appreciates a T-shirt that’s as unique and bold as their taste in spirits.

Care Instructions:

  • Treat this tee like your favorite whiskey glass – handle with care. Machine wash cold, inside out, with like-minded colors, and lay flat to dry. Ironing is fine, but steer clear of the print like you’d avoid watered-down whiskey.

So, don your Grim Reaper’s Choice Tee, pour yourself a dram, and toast to life, laughter, and the pursuit of a good drink. It’s more than a T-shirt; it’s a tribute to those mirth-filled moments we share over a glass of the good stuff. Get yours and join The Sexual Vanilla’s toast to the bold and the brave!

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